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For the past year, we have written the new set of books Daf HaChayim.

The Daf HaChayim will literally bring your Gemara to life. 


After studying the Daf or any Sugya of Gemara, you want to have the Rambam and Shulchan Aruch at your fingertips. Well now you can!

We have organized the עין משפת נר מצוה 

Written out in full on every Daf of Gemara according to the order of the Shas


In 15 minutes you can read all the Halacha on the Daf that you just learned and bring it to life. 

The cost of the 8 volume set is $199


We are accepting preorders for 8  books at $99 in celebration of the Siyum HaShas 



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